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Configuring WHATS'On to serve every user's needs

Participants of the Master Class Admlnistration got acquainted with the extensive configuration possibilities in WHATS’On.


Fully booked at BroadcastAsia

Many visitors came to our booth attracted by the WHATS'On VOD functionality that could greatly simplify their lives.


Customers try out new VOD scheduling tools

Co-creation at its best: 65 WHATS'On users try out new step in content-centric planning.


NAB Show 2017: the buzz made it busy

A positive buzz about our customer projects worldwide drew extra visitors to our booth.


To store or to recreate VOD files?

To store and reuse multiple VOD video files in the MAM, or to create the video files every time they are needed? How to find the right balance and optimize infrastructure costs?


WHATS'On rocks and rolls out in APAC

WHATS’On went live in Singapore and Australia. Shortly also in Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan.


The future is content-centric

“A content-centric business model will shape the future,” says Michel Beke. He envisages a near future where content is created and repurposed for the new consumer.


Material Management for a VOD business model

To store and reuse multiple VOD video files in the MAM, or to create the video files every time they are needed?


UAB 2017: Customers share their vision in the city of the explorers

23 March, Lisbon. We gathered with customers for the biggest MediaGeniX User Advisory Board (UAB) ever.


Future proof in the Middle East

CABSAT 2017 in Dubai: Media companies in the Middle East want to be future-proof and prepared for new business models.


Conquering the complexity of VOD at ABU DBS

Starring in Kuala Lumpur: Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MediaGeniX Asia, and Michel Beke, SVP Product Strategy.


Defining both VOD and Linear rights

Master Class participants discover richer set of functionality for defining both VOD and linear rights.


Conquering the complexity of VOD at ABU DBS

Our SVP Product Strategy explains how the new scheduling tools help you conquer the complexity of VOD from rights to material management.


New-school Media Management

Participants of the Master Class saw how WHATS’On automatically plans the right media asset and components (audio, subtitling …) based on channel and desired segmentations.


Live sports: less pain, more gain

There are few things broadcasters value more, than audiences that are glued to the TV screen. That must be why they so willingly suffer the anxiety of live sports.


MediaGeniX is 'Beloftevolle Onderneming van het Jaar'

Flemish Government reckons we are the business with the greatest promise for further growth.


Learning the ropes of VOD scheduling

On Wednesday 28 September the participants of the Master Class in Brussels learned all about VOD catchup and catalogue scheduling in WHATS'On.


Flemish media minister visits our IBC stand

To know more about the product and the people behind the awarded international success.


MediaGeniX in IBC Daily: the future is content-centric

If content still is king, TV anywhere anytime and all other forms of media consumption are rocking the throne.


Live from IBC: Our CEO on the secret of MediaGeniX

Watch the interview on Sandbox TV


RTS get rights accurate to the frame

You want to reuse the product or part of it on a linear or non-linear platform? WHATS'On immediately tells you whether you have the rights for it at that specific moment in time.


VOD is the new Linear

The VOD-Linear divide is blurring fast. Unifying the workflows will open the door to the multiplatform solution broadcasters need.


No longer framed by underlying rights

Production teams need to use material from all sources, and for all platforms simultaneously, and decisions need to be taken faster than you can say litigation.


MediaGeniX wins the Export Lion!

MediaGeniX has won the Export Lion for ‘outstanding export performance’! A victory for customer proximity and co-creation.


Customers try out renewed Contract & Rights Management

On 20 May in Brussels and 25 May online, our customers tried out the renewed Contract & Rights Management module in WHATS’On


New: Academy E-Class

The WHATS’On Academy has yet another service: the Academy E-Class for WHATS’On starters in remote locations.


Latin America's biggest broadcaster is live with WHATS'On

Live with WHATS’On since early March, TV Globo already scheduled in excess of 30,600 episodes of telenovelas.


Johan Vanmarcke at IABM: metadata is emperor

On 1 February Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MediaGeniX Asia, spoke at the IABM APAC Member Meeting in Singapore.


New: WHATS'On Cloud Edition

WHATS’On as an off-the-peg, ready-to-go Cloud service.


Hands-on introduction to the API interface

On 11 May people came from as far as Brazil to our API Interface Master Class in Brussels, a hands-on introduction to the Open API functionality in WHATS’On.


MediaGeniX to take UKTV beyond 2016

Read in TVBEurope how WHATS'On will further enhance UKTV's linear channel offering and support their rapidly growing VOD business.


If content is king, user experience is queen, and she's wearing the pants

MediaGeniX customers gather to help shape the tools that will support their future business and services.


MediaGeniX in APB: configurable REST API

Read in the March issue of APB how the open API of WHATS'On gives broadcasters the power to configure an integration rather than having it built.


MediaGeniX in APB: boundaries are blurring

Read in Asia-Pacific Broadcasting how MediaGeniX sees the linear/nonlinear boundaries blurring for M&E companies.


Less is more with the configurable UI

The configurable user interface of WHATS'On adapts to the specific needs of each user for the task at hand. Just set up and configure the system to its best advantage.


Strategic scheduling with fingertip simulations

Ever more important for strategic scheduling: tools to create multiple schedule versions for cost and stock predictions.


MediaGeniX expands APAC footprint, says APB

Asian press picks up on the new step in our commitment to Asia-Pacific, with coverage in APB and content-technology.com


MediaGeniX opens offices in Singapore and Bangkok

Serving growing demand with a dedicated regional team and future-proof offerings tailored to the Asian market.


Making simulations, yes, but what would it cost?

WARP Try-out Days: Bridging the gap between the art of scheduling and the need for predicting costs in simulation scenarios.


"WHATS'On is the system I really love working with."

Mia is the name of this WHATS’On whizzkid. She is the daughter of the Head of Scheduling/WHATS’On administrator at Al Jazeera Balkans.


'New Media Management makes our lives easier' say WHATS'On users

Automates scheduling the same content in multiple formats, with different audio and subtitling, on different channels and countries.


NRK radio planners create a year in minutes

Dorid Helland (NRK) “In WHATS’On v27Q1, creating a new year seems a matter of minutes, thanks to the fast Product Planning Assistant ..."


WHATS'On quota reports stand the CRTC test

CRTC accepts the quota reports from WHATS’On as they roll out of the system! The customer just needs to press the button, no manual editing required!


In the spotlight with multi-territorial rights and Replica Channels

In IBC Daily Michel Beke explores the challenges broadcasters face as they make their move towards globalization, economizing in the process.


MediaGeniX in the news: Ad sales for VOD

How new-generation scheduling tools open up VOD ad revenue streams: MediaGeniX' vision published by Broadcast Engineering.